Setting Boundaries with Gratitude

On Boundaries: Part II

Image by Artur Aldyrkhanov


It’s common knowledge how powerful gratitude can be. Studies continue to surface the many ways in which gratitude can greatly increase our quality of life. I believe one of the main reasons for this is because gratitude trains us to focus on appreciating what we have rather than pining over what we don’t. It’s this sense of appreciation that we can leverage to define some of our needs.

Becoming Grateful

I’ve long contended that gratitude is a skill. Like all skills, it requires practice. An easy way to begin, is through intentional noticing. You can start this practice by simply writing down a list three things you genuinely feel grateful for.

Expressing gratitude

Other people can’t read our minds, and hoping for them to do so is a common cause for our suffering. Yet we tend to avoid expressing our boundaries for fear of sounding needy or risking conflict.

In Summary

We can use the feeling of gratitude as a way to help us identify our needs. We have a variety of needs that require different tools to nurture them. Cultivating an awareness of our needs, can help us pick the right tools for the job.



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Ryder Carroll

Creator of the Bullet Journal®. NYT Best-selling author and digital product designer, living in Brooklyn, NY.